TCL believes in the successful and purposeful dispute resolution. We have been associated with varied and multifarious streams of civil disputes. We have in-house expertise in the matters related to the Movable and the Immovable Properties. We guide and deliver quality solutions to the multinational conglomerates in the area of the Contractual Disputes and the Commercial Transactions.

At TCL, we are always concerned about the client’s financial investment in litigation and therefore, we measure our success in the area of Recovery of Money by the actual money, which our client ultimately recovers with our association. We have been diligently supporting our clients in litigious and non-litigious Company Matters.

We have also been successfully handling National and International Arbitrations. We have our fair share in the diverse practice of consumer laws as well. We are also actively associated with the practice of personal laws in the fields of Succession, Adoption, Maintenance, Marriage and Divorce. Our many judgments in the areas of dispute resolution are serving as judicial precedents in the High Courts across the Country.

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