TCL is a boutique law firm primarily into litigation. The total strength of the firm is 20 members, with four of its members having more than 22 years of experience. It has offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Allahabad.

TCL specialises in the property laws, arising out testamentary and non-testamentary practice.  It has handled several high profile litigations relating to issues of Will. The law of succession is a branch of law for which one of its founding members Anupam Srivastava is acknowledged in the legal circles. Advisory from planning the succession model, drafting un-challengeable Wills, Testamentary Trust, seeking partition of properties, proving the Wills and challenging the Wills in the Court of law is the forte of the firm.

TCL also advises its clients in buyer-seller disputes, suits for cancellation, declaration etc.  in respect of immovable properties. The members of the Firm have exhaustive knowledge of laws relating to Transfer of Property and procedural law like Code of Civil Procedure.

TCL with its knowledge about the property laws regularly advices large Indian Corporates in acquisition of lands through the process of direct purchase and land acquisition laws. The firm regularly gives opinion to Corporate on several other issues pertaining to property laws.

TCL is widely acclaimed for its skills and human resources in the Criminal law branch of the law. 

TCL also engages itself in the matrimonial litigation leading to proceedings of divorce, custody, guardianship, criminal litigation under Domestic Violence Act, Indian Penal Code. Monika Srivastava looks after this department. She is also a guest faculty with the Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, a college under the aegis of Guru Govind Singh Indraprastha University.

TCL takes pride in its ability to maintain high integrity in its practice. The members of the TCL are respected for their knowledge of laws, court craft and ability to deliver results. TCL does not encourage frivolous litigation and is known for giving honest opinions about the merits of the cases to their clients.

TCL has contributed to the growth of the law by assisting the Courts in delivering judgements which are referred frequently as precedents in High Courts across India.

TCL believes in constant upgrading of legal knowledge. The latest judgement passed from the Supreme Court, High Courts and other judicial institutions are analysed. The result of the analysis is shared on the website of the TCL. The old Judgements which have stood the test of time are regularly analysed and shared by the Research Team of TCL on the website.

 TCL has provided services to several satisfied Clients which include MNC’s, Indian Corporates and HNI’s. TCL has taken lead in instituting Public Interest Litigations which bring to the fore the issues which remain un-addressed by the respective competent offices. Needless to say PIL’s are filed pro-bono as part of its Social Responsibility.

Two of the members of the TCL viz Anupam Srivastava and Monika Srivastava have authored law books which are widely read and acclaimed. Together they have authored a book on Code of Civil Procedure. Anupam Srivastava has edited Mulla’s books on Code of Civil Procedure and Transfer of Property Act. He has independently authored books tilted as “legal ways of money recovery” and “Real Estate Investments- A legal perspective”.

TCL sends a newsletter thrice in a month to its Clients and those desirous of subscribing the same.


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